Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's about this time of year, every year, where I feel winter has over stayed it's welcome. I am a Canadian and have never experienced a winter anywhere else so before you all remind me, I know it's only March 9th and that we typically see snow in April. But yet, every March Break I still feel a little jilted and start to really, strongly dislike the white stuff. Bring on the April showers and the random days of 10*C. Bring on the May flowers, and at this point, I'm even looking forward to the sweltering, humid days that I detest every summer. (I'm a 18*C-25*C kinda girl).
So with all this winter still ahead of us I've been keeping myself busy. I'm still baking bread. It's still delicious. I'm still researching about chickens and veggie gardens, and more recently composting.

I have yet to decide what type(s) of composter I will use but I can tell you that my three year old would LOVE a vermicomposter. Thats your kitchen. I haven't run that by Eric yet...

On a more exciting note. My Eglu Cube is in the country! Great friends of ours, that we owe big time went across the border and picked up the five huge boxes that it ships in. The next challenge is getting it here from Cornwall. I'm so excited that I tell anyone and everyone that will listen. And perhaps even those the don't care.
Besides composting and chicken coups, I've been knitting away the nights. Here are a couple things I've been working on recently.
The "Faverolle". Hoping to finish this BEFORE the warm weather.

These are the "Fiddlehead Mittens". They will be blocked later today and then I can start on the knit liners that go in them to make them extra smooshy and warm.
As I look out the window, watching the sky prepare for the 10-15 cm of forecasted snow fall, I remind myself that spring is....just...around...the...corner (at least, that's what the glass half full people say).


  1. Beautiful knitted things! That sweater will be gorgeous when it is done. Hurray for chickens! Vermicomposting is really great. Having said that our first attempt we killed all our worms. I know of someone in Omemee who could set you up with red wigglers. Also check out Cathy's Crawling Composters. Good luck.

  2. Thank you Laura. I'm looking forward to all of it!

  3. great sweater lindser, can't wait to see you wearing it!