Monday, February 21, 2011

The First Annual Men's Cookoff!

Last night our family embarked on unchartered territory. That's right, the women stood strong and insisted that the men cook and clean a whole family dinner. The only reason why a woman entered the kitchen was to top up her martini (or coke) and ask when the food was going to be ready. It felt quite unnatural (not to me really, I tend to avoid kitchens) but the men pulled it off and we dined until the wee hours (9 pm...).
Save the date for next year's cook-off, February 20th, 2012 at our place!

Two Bruces and a Linda

Me and my beau

The second place dish - a seafood platter

Heeeere's Ashleigh!

This is the women staying out of the kitchen - note the kitchen cupboards and fridge...

One of the esteemed judges.

First Place Winner - Chris and his Risotto

Second Place winner - Bruce (or dad) with his
seafood platter

Third Place winners - Will and his potatoes & Bruce with his pasta dishes

Julianne and Gage

Liam dressed as a smurf - that's what happens after some martinis!

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