Monday, January 24, 2011

Goal accomplished

I did it. I made bread. I don't know how making bread became such a terrifying culinary roadblock for me. Maybe it was the movies that portrayed women endlessly kneading dough, toiling in the kitchen all in effort for a loaf. Or the fact that there's such an invention as a bread machine. That in itself tells you that it's too difficult and time consuming to make bread by hand.
I think I came to a pretty good compromise between endlessly kneading and a bread machine. Amelia ( sent me this link:

It's a no knead bread recipe. It was easy and turned out tasty. Here's my bread journey...
Saturday evening I made this:

Oh I love thee

Sunday morning while my kid was in front of the 'babysitter', I let the dough rise...

(In all fairness...they did say to generously coat the towel in flour. I was doing what I was told.)
Then baked it...

And it turned out like this!

I brought some to work today and before I could tell them that I had made it they asked where I bought the bread from.
I'm just sayin'. Amy, if you were in town, we'd be going into the bread business.
Give the recipe a try, you'll love it.


  1. It's the same recipe, the same baker who was featured in the NYT. But the version I saw doesn't use oil to coat the bowl, and I haven't found it necessary (if you want to save even more time...).

  2. amazing! Good job linds! The is a gorgeous loaf of bread.


  3. Lindsay, that's amazing!! Bread and I have a love-hate relationship. I have tried a no-knead bread, but it didn't turn out as pretty as yours (though it tasted amazing!). Perhaps I'll have to try your recipe!