Sunday, March 17, 2013

One of those days...

Picture this...

A baby that won't nap, has a runny nose and is starting to get angry when you take something away from her.

A 5 year old who has lost his iPad and television privileges, leaving only a whole basement full of toys that he doesn't want to play with and who won't. stop. talking.

A mom, who despite being allowing to sleep in this morning, cannot kick the heaviness of sleep from her eyes, can't find her daughter's birth certificate of SIN card (a sleep deprived mom should not be allowed to be responsible for important documents such as those. I'm sure I put them somewhere logical at the time that made sense to sleep deprived me), who's ears are wearing to the constant natter of her 5 year old and is kinda upset with her husband who was the one who took away her 5 year old's media privileges.

A dad, who is regretting his appropriate consequences, having to listen to a wife tell him other appropriate consequences he could have doled out instead of an all media attack, who's tired because he was nice enough to let his wife sleep-in and who's also straining to respond to the constant 5 year old dialogue.

It's been the kind of day where you just want to opt-out of being a parent. Not just because there was no media allowed, but because both of us....both adults in this house....just weren't up to the challenge today. Usually we can tag team this life of ours but today we both wanted to tap out.

Please tell me you've had these kinds of days too.

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