Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Falling Off My Needles - Mittens

Remember these mittens?

They are finally done. Knit. Blocked. Knitted Liners. Blocked again. D.O.N.E.

The kicker? They don't fit. Not even close. I have super long piano fingers that I just cannot squish into these beauties. It's heartbreaking. I blocked these suckers like there was no tomorrow. Some would even say aggressively, but they just weren't meant to be, for me.

The upside is that they will hopefully make someone really happy and their hands warm.

I bought the pattern/yarn as a kit at our local, amazing yarn shop. I think I remember someone saying that the kits have been discontinued. Here's the designer's blog.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. umm I have a home for those- they are gorgeous!!

    damn girl!


    1. Thanks Laura. They aren't that difficult - you could totally make them! I'll come over and help you start.

  2. They keep me warm and very happy :)