Monday, January 21, 2013

2012 Intentions

If you remember this post, you may be wondering how things have been going.

1. I have not made cheese yet and there are no plans in the near future to do so.

2. I made a kneaded bread that failed miserably. This was months ago and became one of many moments that I should have photographed but didn't, to blog.

3. The garden. Well, that was an epic fail.

4. And the whole getting chicks idea is not going to happen.

So this year, I'm keeping it real. The garden is going to be a big priority. I'm tired of 'making due' and making constant revisions to the lay out, etc. I want it done. I want the bones of the garden to finally be 'set in stone' so to speak so that year after year, I just have to plant some seeds, minor weeding, minimal watering (this will be another year's project) and eat the deliciousness of my hard work.

Outside of the garden, my intention is to enjoy the rest of my maternity leave (that is going shockingly fast!) and eventually re-enter the workplace with grace.


  1. umm, why was; persevere through nursing a baby with a bad latch and succeed incredibly with the proof being a chubby super adorbs baby; not on your list???? seems like a pretty kick ass intention to me...

    i have a feeling you're gonna show that garden who's boss this year.

    1. Awe shucks. Thanks Ames. I was noticing today that she doesn't have wrists, her chub is just rolling over 'em. Definitely motivation to keep going!

  2. Love this post, your humorous honesty!

    Some of my big intentions for this year:

    I'm determined to make the baking thing work for me. I've had a couple of flops recently, even though my family assures me they tasted good (they're just being nice).

    Use my sewing machine (i.e.: get it back from my mother)

    Improve my knitting

    Expand my garden