Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Trying to accomplish all my goals (see below), I need to do some research. As I've said, I have very little experience doing any of the projects that I've set to complete this year. Well, with the exception of making bread. I've eaten a lot of bread in my lifetime...that makes me a little more experienced in that area. And I once borrowed my mother's breadmaker only to return it after one failed loaf. That may give you an idea of my persistence level...
I digress.
So for my research, I went to Chapters to buy some books. See photo. The first, "The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 10th Edition" by Carla Emery is seriously an enclyclopedia. It covers everything from buying farm land, giving birth by yourself, money management to shooting a pig. I feel everything I need to know about my little adventure will be in here. This book is going to be well worn by the end of the harvest season. The other book in the photo is, "City Farmer" by Lorraine Johnson. She lives in Toronto and she has chickens in her backyard. That's why I'm reading that one! I'm only 93 pages in so I'll keep you posted.
Other than books I have been browsing the world wide web. There are a ton of websites dedicated to keeping urban chickens.  I've decided that the first thing I need to do is decide on a coop. This has been more difficult than I thought. Not only do I have to look at price, I have to see if my husband will help me put it together - which he says he's not really interested in doing (can't hold that against him...this is my project after all). So that means a pre-fab coop. Omlet makes a great one. And yes, that is the company's name. And get this...their coops are called 'Eglu's'. Ha! Go to to take a look. Not only are they stylish but they have great reviews. The wrench however is that there is no Canadian distributor and the distributor in the USA does not....I repeat, does not ship to Canada. Yes, you read that right. In this day and age and decades after the free trade agreement, I cannot buy a chicken coop in the US and have it shipped here to Canada.
Time to get crafty...

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  1. Hello fellow Blogger,
    I just have one further suggestion as far as research goes. Before you invest too much money, check the city bypass. My concern is that they are not allowed in the city. Just suggesting... Good luck, and I hope you goals and dreams come true.