Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holy Snow Batman!

It's been snowing here I'm learning to love the winter season all over again through the eyes of my three year old. I had forgotten how much fun tobogganing, skating and building a snowman was. Even shoveling the driveway isn't as bad as I remember it. Just don't tell my husband that or shoveling will be added to my side of the 'domestic chores' list.

It's nap time in our house and I'm the only one awake. Even the dog has gone for a siesta. I'm sitting by our living room window, sipping on a cup of chai tea, daydreaming about spring/summer 2011 and all of my fruitful plans. I've started thinking about the vegetable goodness that I want to attempt to grow. I even bought some organic seeds from Needles In The Hay last weekend.            

 Let's just hope I can grow them. If you saw the two poinsettias in my house, you'd be doubting me too.

1 comment:

  1. ohhhh look at those seeds!!!!

    how exciting..

    Looking good Lindsers!