Thursday, May 2, 2013

Craving Change

We've been in this house for 2 1/2 years and haven't done a thing to the inside of the house. We did quite a bit of work on our old place to get it ready to sell. That hard work is difficult to forget, which is probably why we haven't done anything in this place.
The last few weeks, the colour of the living room walls have been really bugging me. In the pictures, they look like beige, which is true, but they also have a purpley/maroon undertone to them. Ugh. I couldn't stand it anymore. A change was needed.

I know some people think my colour choice is a little much, but all I see is happiness when I look at it. It's not your typical 'grown up' colour. In fact, after I painted the wall, my husband said it looks like it belongs in a frat. house! Ha! He also said that it's not a re-sale colour, which is perfect, because I intend to stay in this house for as long as I possibly can! AND - it's only paint. What's the big deal?

That mirror hanging on the wall is where baby girl gives herself kisses. 
Wow! That's bright!
The colour I picked it the second from the left. 
What I accomplished during the first nap time
First coat done

Here's to change!

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