Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Family Day Weekend

This year marked the second annual "Men's Cook-off". If you remember from last year, this event requires all the men in our family to prepare/cook a dish to contribute to a family meal which they are later judged on (by the women) and awarded prizes. The women are supposed to just sit around and eat...and eat we did!
This year, first prize went to Will and his amazing double baked stuffed potatoes. Second went to Chris and his appetizer flat breads (they were essentially homemade pizza on flatbread, but just don't tell him that), and third prize was a tie between the Bruces' dishes, a chicken spaghetti dish and some grilled vegetables. 
The naive homesteader spin on this years competition was that the men had to calculate the food miles for every ingredient in their dish. I have to admit - more than half didn't even bother (a little disappointing) but others were up to the challenge and enjoyed learning just how far conventional food travels to Canada. 

Baby also got some love this weekend. Lots of belly kisses and clothing. Here's a pair of shoes given to us by one of my sisters. They are pink. They are sparkly. They are ridiculously adorable...even though they are pink. And sparkly.

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