Sunday, February 5, 2012

More garden planning

I just finished going through the Urban Harvest seed catalogue and writing out everything that I wanted to order. The total? $78.50. Considering most packages of seeds are $3, that's a lot of seeds...
Here's what I want to order:
Bush Beans x 3
Beets x 1
Carrots x 2
Corn x 2
Cucumber x 1
Lettuce x 3
Melon x 1
Onions x 2
Peas x 1
Peppers x 2
Pumpkin x 1
Tomatoes x 3
Herbs x 3
Plus 1 lb of potatoes
I'm going to have to be pretty creative and smart about my use of space this year. My only concern is the space required to grow the pumpkins and the melon. I came across an idea of growing melons vertically. You have them climb up a fence or something like that and when the fruit start to grow, you support them with pantyhose.
I'm thinking the lettuce I'll try and grow in containers. And the herbs. The potatoes I'll do in the garbage can again. Hopefully that will leave me enough space to grow the rest. And now the eternal wait for spring.
Oh mild winter - how you tease us!

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