Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Perfect Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you realize that everything you've done, seen, experienced, etc has just been....perfect?
Today wasn't a special day. No big plans. No expectations. The only difference about today was that it was technically the last day of our Christmas vacation. Eric and Gage go back to school tomorrow and  I return to a normal work week. Despite that, we really didn't plan to 'make' this the perfect day - it just happened.
What made the day so great?
- Boardgames and fooseball
- Documentary watching
- Great breakfast food for lunch
- A walk outdoors and the lack of car driving
- Sunshine
- Sewing time
- Nap time
- Knitting time (I need to add to that that I estimated the exact amount of yarn needed to cast on a new project using the Twisted German Cast On Method. How often does that happen??? Well, never for me).
- My men baking. Yes...baking. The smell of banana-chocolate chip muffins is intoxicating.

Muffin liners with a chicken on the bottom. 

And finally, a little man who is excited to return to school and see his friends.


  1. Knitting, sewing and banana-chocolate chip muffins all in the same day? I'm so jealous :) Gage looks adorable so hard at work. I hope you all have a great week back!

  2. pretty nice day indeed!! I will have to you tube that cast on technique- cuz I have no idea what that is!:)


  3. oh man, gage is like a real grown up boy!