Friday, November 4, 2011


Our last harvest of the season was our garbage can potatoes. To be honest I had kinda forgotten about them. I walk by them several times a day - they've just become part of the outside decor. That is until, I started walking on the vines because they had died and we're all over the patio...
My dear husband and father-in-law carried the heavy can to the garden and dumped it. Then, G-man and I went out to get our hands dirty; and it was F-U-N. Getting our hands dirty, digging around trying to find our treasures. I had initially planted 5 seedling potatoes and yielded 22. For the life of me I can't remember what the name of the potato is or where the piece of paper that I wrote it on is currently hiding, but they are blue potatoes. They look more purple - like eggplant purple (aubergine?).
Their first use was a delicious potato and leek soup. I think we'll try frying some next.

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  1. so great!

    Digging potatoes is one of my fav. harvest-ables.

    Cute pic of you and Gage.