Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Strawberries in August

Okay, okay...I don't actually have fresh strawberries. I'm just late posting our 2011 strawberry picking, strawberry jam making experience.
This was the first year I took Gage with me picking. I wish you were there to see just how excited he was. I told him before we left that we weren't allowed to eat any of the strawberries until after we paid for them ( I know, I'm a cruel mother) - but in my defence, if I didn't say that he would have eaten all of them.
It was an overcast day which was perfect for picking. Especially with a young child. He was very proud to have picked the "most humongous strawberries" in the whole field.

This was our lot for the day. Plus Gage's bucket that he refused to let go of. All of these strawberries in the picture above went into making jam. We now have enough jam to last us until next winter I think, though that won't stop me from picking more next season and making more jam.

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