Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 5

St. Felicien to Chambord. 49 km.
It was a slow start to the day. Gager woke up feeling a bit better. Still feverish and vomitted the meds we gave him. We considered staying at the B&B for the day until we found out it was fully booked that night (and rightfully so, it was a beautiful B&B). So on the road we went. Gage was content to just sit back and enjoy the ride - but we did bring a little bucket with us just in case.
He's not looking so good, but full of energy

So far we had biked this many km's

The precautionary bucket

Even though he felt like poo, he still wanted to ride. It didn't last very long. Maybe 3km.

I was a little jealous

Guess what Eric's next bike will be?

The storm we were trying to outrun. (we succeded)

End of the day

Dinner time. Gage was all over the chicken wings.

Bedtime. We're reading '50 Below Zero' by Robert Munsch.

I found this day to be pretty tiring. Maybe I was over the honeymoon phase of cycling, but I had a hard time this day. We only biked for 49km, a pretty easy day but the wind was pushing against us. There were some really cute little towns that we passed through that I now wish we had stopped to explore. Oh well...maybe we'll just have to go and do it again?!

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