Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Vermicomposter

I got this back in May from Peterborough Green Up. For a reasonable price I got the bin, the worms and a tutorial on how to keep the worms alive and well. It's been going well so far. The first few days, the worms try and venture out of the bin so you have to push them back down under the bedding but that is really the only time I've had to touch the worms. Gage of course was very eager to help until it came time to put the worms back in. He said he'd rather watch me do it but to his credit, he did put the very last worm back in for me. I feed them a couple of times a week, just food scraps from our meals, though no meat or sugary things. During the tutorial the instructor joked that one of her past pupils went through the trouble of pureeing the food scraps before giving it to the worms (they would be able to break the food down faster this way) and we both kinda laughed. But upon reflection, it's a genius idea! The worms produce soil (worm casings) much faster that way so that's what I've been doing.
I love my worms.
Here's whats in the bin. Newspaper as bedding (they eat this also), dirt (worm casings) and worms

The food. This is pureed banana (peel and fruit), plus some loose leaf tea. Mmm.

To add more bedding, you just rip up more newsprint, soak in water, wring it out and they add it to the bin
Here's the added bedding.

The bin. I keep it in a corner of our kitchen. It reminds me to feed them!

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  1. My composter is having trouble keeping up. Maybe worms are the way to help it out. Thanks for the mini lesson!